About Circle Home

A First in Mid-Hudson Valley

There is no hospice residence, hospital-based hospice unit, or Home for the Dying in Ulster or Dutchess Counties. Circle Home will be the first in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

70% of terminally ill people die in hospitals or nursing homes.

80-90% would choose to die at home, surrounded by loved ones, if that was an option.

Fewer than 25% actually do.

Circle Home will provide a real home and a circle of support.

Proposed Features


A welcoming, supportive environment for residents and families.


Two comfortable bedrooms for residents’ convenience and privacy


Communal living spaces, including the kitchen, living room, and “quiet room"


Family-accessible meal preparation, eat-in kitchen space, and living room suitable for family gatherings


Overnight accommodations for residents’ families who are visiting

View from behind of an adult son walking with his senior father in the park.

Common areas and residents’ rooms with views of nature


A community Restorative Garden for socialization and reflection

Circle Home - Creating comfort and care at the end of life

Hudson Valley's first dwelling where people in hospice can rest easy. Your loved one will be attended round-the-clock in the safety of a home-like residence.

Help put us on the map of Comfort Care Homes for the Dying in NY State!

Our Fundraising Goal: $650,000