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Donor Recognition

Donor Recognition

Our gratitude goes out to community partners and friends for their continued support through monetary contributions and donations in-kind. CFD thanks you!

Major Sponsors

NoVo Foundation

Major Donors

Special thanks to William Gooch, M.D., for his continued contributions to our community through his generous support of Circle of Friends for the Dying.

Jane Cane
Elise Lark

Jeffrey Farber of Farber Brothers Construction

Myrna Sameth
Farrell & Margaret Reynolds

Jennifer Wheeldon

Community Manufacturing Solutions, LLC

In-Kind and Noteworthy Contributors

“Standing by and supporting a suffering dying person is what Circle of Friends and Circle Home has been doing. It is a much needed mission and service which the Bruderhof is grateful to be a part of.
Please join us in renovating the Circle Home and welcoming this much needed service to Kingston.”

Johann Huleatt, Bruderhof