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In September, 2020, we were gifted with a beautiful house in Kingston’s National Historic Rondout District, to be used for the designated purpose of caring for community members at the end of their lives. After working towards opening a Home for the Dying since 2012, such an offering was unexpected, even rather stunning.

When Kingston resident Jim Gohlke’s life was winding down from a long bout of cancer, he spoke with CFD founder Elise Lark and founding Board of Directors member, Dr. William Gooch, of his wish to give his stately home to our organization.

Shortly after this conversation, Jim died. This took place as CFD was in hiatus mode, due to the COVID pandemic. We’d halted plans to renovate another house we owned until our tenants could safely move out and until we could resume a much-needed fundraising campaign for the project.

While working through the legalities of the bequest with Jim’s daughter, Jennifer Gohlke Khan, we sold that house, taking advantage of a robust real estate market in our region. That home now belongs to a local Veteran. To their credit, Jim’s children chose to honor their father’s wishes, their only request being that Circle Home would carry Jim’s and his wife Lisa’s names.

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