The Plan

CFD is poised to complete renovations and open Jim and Lisa’s Circle Home to accommodate two residents at a time under hospice care. This is what we’ve been visualizing for nearly a decade—a safe, comfortable dwelling to offer people who want and need a home, not an institutional facility, in which to live out their last months and days.

The ground floor of Jim & Lisa’s Circle Home offers ample space for reading, conversing, and relaxing—it’s a welcome reprieve for caregivers who want to spend time with their loved one. With round-the-clock staff and volunteers managing our residents’ needs, their family members and friends can utilize the full kitchen, dining room, family room, and elegant living room to simply spend time together. A small enclosed garden with a koi pond makes for a pleasant outdoor visiting area, as well.

Two spacious, second-floor bedrooms with a shared bath in between are being brought up to American Disabilities Act standards, and an elevator will help to make the entire upstairs space accessible to our residents and their visitors. A staff office and sitting room across the hall (with a separate kitchenette for preparing snacks and safely storing pharmaceuticals) assures that 24/7 caring attention is being paid to our residents. A third bedroom welcomes family members coming in from out of town. They can take advantage of these overnight accommodations when needed.

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Ann Hutton