Wish List

This Wish List will grow as Circle of Friends for the Dying reaches its goal to have a Home for people with a life expectancy of three months or less.

Now that  Circle of Friends for the Dying has procured the house, we will begin the journey to enlist the support of those who can help in the renovations needed. We will need to convert one wing of the house into two resident bedrooms with half baths and a shared shower room. We will add a deck outside so residents will have access to the outside and the garden. In the meantime, we begin the search for businesses and organizations that will help put this vision together room by room. One of the profound differences a Home for the Dying makes in a community is the ability to bring people together.

Volunteers are the heart of Circle of Friends for the Dying. Even before we start renovating we need volunteers to help with fundraising, publicity and general administration. Imagine people of all ages coming together to create the structure that will be the last Home for those in need of a safe, compassionate, and gracious place to die.

If you have have the means or know of someone who could help us, please contact Circle of Friends for the Dying. You might be the connection that brings this Home for the Dying into being. Give us a call at 845 802-0970 or email us at info@cfdhv.org.